As political scientist and sociologist, I am interested in the theoretical and empirical investigation of world society, related international institutions, policy diffusion and political change. I particularly analyze how policies emerge and spread worldwide and which impact they have on the national level.
My special focus is on global public security and global public policy, given that politics in these fields is usually closely linked to the nation state. Related international institutions are difficult to be created and to be accepted – they are thus hard cases of world society formation. I am Professor of International Relations and head of the Chair of International Relations at the Institute of Social Sciences at the Technical University Braunschweig.
Given the limited web-based information on world society theory and its application in International Relations (IR) research, I decided to present some facts on it on this page. This website cannot substitute close reading of the relevant literature, but it can provide a first and accessible insight to world society theory, global public security and global public policy. I also added some links that should help you in exploring these research subjects more closely.
Some texts on this site are based on work that I published in the last years – so copy cats beware ;-).

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Foto by Vlad Gerasimov, (CC BY-NC 2.0)

You find more details on my texts on this page and also on my google scholar site. My adademia.net page or my researchgate.net page are usually less frequently updated. I also sporadically twitter here.I will update and expand this site over the course of time. Any comment on this website and my work in general is welcome at mail@anja-p-jakobi.net.

Best wishes and have a nice day!

Anja P. Jakobi